Altura College | Our Educational Approach
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Our Educational Approach

Altura - Fall 2015 -4120

Academic Excellence, With A Personal Touch!

Achieve greater heights with Altura College

At Altura College, we take a comprehensive approach to education by combining a dynamic balance of academic excellence, hands-on experience, and professional training. By creating a student centered environment, we hope to provide the extra support needed to guide our student’s journey of self-discovery and academic success and help them transform goals and into realities.

Throughout their unique journey, each student will discover not only about the world of massage, but about their own strengths, skills, interests and which styles, modalities, techniques and work settings that will best match their professional goals. We encourage students to pursue their passion for wellness, as everyone member of the healthcare field has a reason they felt drawn to help others.

Our coursework is designed to educate and will be challenging.  Altura College is dedicated to  producing the highest caliber of students. After completing our program, it is our goal that students to transition smoothly into their new careers as a Massage Therapists and thrive! We take this role seriously and we will push our students to become accountable for the information they learn.

As professionals, we are driven by our passion to help others find healing and relief through massage and bodywork services. Adhering to the highest standards of professionalism, we enjoy finding ways to help each student find and reach their greatest potential. We have found the world of Massage Therapy to be an amazing healthcare career and can’t wait to introduce students to the profession we know and love!

Program Objectives

Altura College students will become proficient in a wide variety of manual massage techniques, enhancing their communication skills and professional experience by participating in student clinic shifts. This experience provides a wonderful place for students to hone and practice new skills and techniques, but will also become a place where they can gain invaluable experience that they can forever draw upon.


Smaller Class Sizes, To Enhance Learning Experience & Quality

To maintain a student centered learning environment, we keep low student to instructor ratio and will only admit a maximum of 6 students per class. Smaller classes add to the value of the Altura College experience as  it creates an ideal learning structure.

We understand that students will vary in age, background, educational experience and may even be changing careers. By keeping class sizes small, we can provide an interactive learning environment fostering success and allowing for more personalized instruction. Massage therapy is a hands-on profession that requires instructors to have plenty of one-on-one time with each student.  We feel it is important to teach with smaller class sizes, so that we can adapt to the needs of our students and help them become as successful as possible.

We Make Learning Fun!

Classroom environments are structured to be inclusive and promote student interaction and engagement. Our curriculum is designed to inspire as well as educate. We feel that by keeping our class environments more lighthearted, we can help makes even some of the most challenging or dry topics seem more approachable and fun to learn about! This goal is achieved by incorporating humor, classroom activities and opportunities that allow students to express creativity and individuality. These experiences promote confidence and enhance the learning experience. Above all, we feel that the ability to laugh and find joy in daily living is a life skill we should all be practicing more often!

Choose a career allowing you to make a living while making difference too!

Massage therapy is a versatile profession that can allow a therapist to practice in various locations including spas and resorts, chiropractic offices, physical therapy offices, airports, on-site corporations, group massage clinics, and private practice. Our program will allow our students to grow individually and achieve professionally in their schooling and on into the professional avenues they choose.

We know that each person is different and so is each Massage Therapist. The objective of our massage therapy program is to provide an excellent education that will prepare students to pass the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination (MBLEx) and then receive their Washington and/or Idaho State massage license. We will help guide each student into the professional avenue they are passionate about. Our program provides the tools for success in education and future practice of massage therapy.

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