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Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions




Massage Theory and Practice

This course will teach students basic techniques of massage, proper draping, and proper body mechanics to perform a massage session. Students will also learn patient evaluation, treatment planning, more specific treatment techniques, self care, basic Traditional Chinese Medicine and more!




Anatomy and Physiology

This course will introduce students to the amazing systems of
the body. This curriculum will provides students with the
foundation and detailed concepts surrounding structures,
functions and how massage affects each system.







This course will teach students the muscles of the body as well as their movements. Students will become proficient at palpating muscles and understanding how they affect posture and injury.






This course teaches common pathologies that can affect the human body, recognizing the significance of issues that are both acute and chronic. Specific focus will be given on how pathologies impact, respond and relate to various techniques and massage modalities.





Business Practice

This course will cover the necessary information to successfully run a massage therapy practice including hygiene, communication, record keeping, and marketing. Students will also become knowledgeable in the laws and ethics related to the massage profession.






 Student Clinic

Student Clinic allows students the opportunity to perform massages on members of the public. Student clinic is run like a regular massage clinic and will give students the business experience of running a massage practice.





CPR and First Aid

Students will also be required to obtain CPR and First Aid training outside of regular class. Students must show proof of completion prior to student clinic. The certification must continue to be valid through the student’s projected graduation date. If the student does not have a valid certification, Altura College will provide options to obtain it from an off-site location to be determined when the need arises and at cost to the student.


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