Altura College | Tuition & Fees
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Tuition & Fees

Thank you for your interest in Altura College. Our comprehensive massage therapy program provides the necessary education and training to produce students capable of practicing therapeutic massage in a wide variety of settings.

Altura College runs on a quarter system and our 9 month program includes a dynamic combination of both curriculum and hands-on technique/training. The tuition listed below covers all three quarters of our intensive 750 hour program. When compared to other academic institutions and professional pursuits, Altura provides the ability to transform from student to professional in less than one year!

2020-2021 Costs & Expenses

Below is a quick financial breakdown of the program charges and additional costs associated with obtaining your diploma from Altura College. Don’t forget to check out some information about our Early Bird Tuition Credit Program below and other financial aid options here including federal financial aid.

Program Charges

Application Fee



In-Class Supplies

Student Insurance

Background Check

$     100

$     10,665

$     300

$     150

$      0

$      35

Total Program Charges | $11,250

Additional Costs

Plain black scrubs for Student Clinic (2 sets)

CPR/First Aid

Out of Class Supplies

$     80

$     50

$     100

Once accepted into the Massage Therapy Program, a $500 deposit will be due within two weeks to Altura College. This deposit secures your enrollment and will be applied to tuition.

Altura makes life easier and saves you waiting in long lines at the bookstore or for an order to arrive. This is a required fee and ensures that the correct versions are purchased, allows for changes to instructional materials and helps to ensure that students have quick access to these valuable resources. Books may be received once enrollment is complete!

Students are not required to purchase their own massage table but many will want to after completing their training. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry! Choosing the right table is discussed during the first week of class. Your table is an invaluable and necessary piece of equipment. With many tables on the market, we feel strongly that it is important to allow students the opportunity to consider all their options to best fit their needs and budget. This purchase will last for years to come and our instructors are more than happy to help provide personalized recommendations.

Students are required to complete CPR & First Aid Training by the start of their second quarter at Altura College. This training will not be provided by Altura College, but there are many local opportunities available to obtain this certification.

This is an estimated amount that we recommend students set aside for miscellaneous supplies that are not listed above, but that will still be necessary for student success. This cost may vary, but we hope will help as you prepare your budget.